Wednesday, 15 October 2008

S.O.B - Thrash Night ep 1989

One of my favorite S.O.B records and it's still a crusher today. I'm sure you all know the history behind this band so I can't be fucked rehashing it all. Infamously Lee Dorrian of Rise Above insisted that "Fuck or Die" be changed to "Luck or Die" don't really understand why? Any way it's a little gem of an ep and worth the download.

01 - Raging In Hell
02 - Give Me Advice
03 - Deceiver (N.D)
04 - Don't Turn Your Back
05 - S.O.B
06 - Nightmare
07 - No Control
08 - Fuck Or Die
09 - Thrash Night

Rise Above Records.


Anonymous said...
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ido said...

This record and your blog fucking rule!

Anonymous said...

i figure Lee wanted the song title changed in order to sound more japanese/engrish :) "luck or die" sounds about right

chris_c said...

more thanks - post!

Daniel said...

Muchos Gracias!!

Daniel said...

Sold this and most of my records to fund a trip to Europe.

Anonymous said...

Links dead