Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Conquest For Death - New Zealand Tour 10 inch 2008

Here's a little rare gem for you all. An Elephant shaped 10 inch acetate limited to 30 copies from CFD's recent tour of New Zealand. I got a copy because I slept with Carlos from El Paso Records and if you have ever meet him your understand the commitment I have to collecting records :) Conquest For Death are one of the greatest live Punk/Hardcore bands I have had the privilege of seeing. The bands reeks of Hardcore "super-group" status with their past and current bands being held in such high esteem the world over, I mean fucking hell we have Hott Lix Hulahan, Assfort, Your Mother, What Happens Next?, Love Songs and Artimus Pyle. Need I say more?

01 - Hey You Guys
02 - Condition Critical
03 - Shadows And Demons
04 - Butcher Baby (Plasmatics)

El Paso Records


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sweet looking record.

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Thanks a lot for the post !