Friday, 21 November 2008

Exit Stance - Crime Against Humanity ep 1984

Classic UK Anarcho punk from Exit Stance. This was their first ep released on Fight Back Records. Not as powerful as the follow up 12" "While Backs Are Turned..." on Mortarhate but still a great release. I love the singers vocals.

01 - Ballykelly Disco
02 - Mankinds Hand
03 - Blinded By Fear

Fight Back Records.


Steve Scanner said...

This is really uncanny!! I was gonna put 'Ballykelly Disco' on my next Podcast (due next week!) but opted for SUBHUMANS (Can) 'Death Was Too Kind' instead as Alternative Tentacles has just released the band's early classic material on disc!! Fucking great band was EXIT-STANCE though - great stuff!!

harp0 said...

Would it be possible to send me the lyrics/photo of lyrics? I can't find them anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for sounds, ya can't beat the good ole days

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Andy (mustbecrust)