Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Comes - Power Never Die - MLP 1986

The Comes from Tokyo were one of the first Japanese hardcore bands and their eleven song 12" entitled No Side is one of the best early punk records. The band first appeared on the Outsider compilation LP in 1982 along with such seminal Japanese outfits as GISM, Gauze, and Laughin Nose. No Side came out in 1984. The music was fast, rocking hardcore with melodic guitar and a totally insane woman on lead vocals. The songs on this LP combine these hell-shriek vocals, massive hooks, and the stop-start hardcore of Minor Threat, but Comes had a screeching, spastic energy unlike anything in the US. Their follow up LP, 1986's Power Never Die, is apparently a bad metal record. Too bad, but at least some members went on to be in the mighty Lip Cream and are probably still in some band or another. At least two bootleg singles have been put out, mostly recycling the No Side material, and the one to get is the split LP that combines No Side with GISM's Detestation LP (which, even in its bizarre glory, I think pales in comparison). Getting these two classics on one record is too good be true. No Side has also been booted onto CD recently. (Kill From The Heart)

You be the judge as to whether this is a "bad metal record" or not, I personally like this. Just wait for me to post Theatre Brook and Off Mask OO....

01 - Brains
02 - Take A Step
03 - Cockiness Man
04 - Power Never Die
05 - Dirt Off
06 - As A Rabbit Of Human

Captain Records.


Anonymous said...

why people call this a 'bad metal record' is completely insipid. comes were strictly a punk band playing to punk audiences. never playing any gigs with metal bands or even playing big venues to begin with. only their image and sound changed to a more hardcore heavier sound, thats all. not metal. anyways, this record is fucking good! id pay $20 for this ;)

Anonymous said...

i dig the slight metal sounds, good album! by the way, really great site, thanks for your hard work!

toxik boys said...

Jap Core puro, mucha rabia musical muestra esta banda. Han pasado por varias etapas musicales, pero siempre manteniendo la escencia hardcore punk.
Gran post, muy recomendado!

great post bro!!

fassby said...

hello! THE COMES "no side" I got about 12 years ago as a bootleg cd. split with KURO.
great punk and the female vocalist is furious!

thanks for sharing this MLP, I can't that welcome a heavier sound which goes a bit into metal.
didn't DISCHARGE, S.O.B. and a lot of bands do the same?
(at least, I appreciate it coz I'm a thrasher) ;)

fassby from Italy

ido said...

This is one of my favorite bands. NO SIDE practically owns my soul and the new live albums are fucking sick. This isn't a bad record, but to me it just doesn't measure up to their earlier work. Chitose's vocals are cleaner and less frenzied. The band on the whole seems less spastic, violent, and pissed off. Should give this one some more listens though, it will probably grow on me more. Thanks a ton for this and all your posts. Love this blog.

James said...

Thanks for the post! I've always avoided this record because I heard (like so many others) that it was a bad metal record. Not that I've heard it I can see that the description was wrong. While not as frenzied as No Side, it's a still pretty good record.

SSDS said...

Thanks. Regards from Brazil.

Ben said...

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