Friday, 23 January 2009

Confessor - First Sin 12" - 1986

Classic New Zealand Glam Metal from 1986. I don't know too much about this band from Auckland and whether they released any other records apart from this. If you have any info then leave a comment.

01 - Soldier Of Hate
02 - Satin Sheet Action
03 - No Peace For The Wicked

Jayrem Records.


Bloopy said...

They released a demo called Metal Beyond Madness in 1987, according to

Some of the members formed the hard rock band Powerlordz a few years ago in West Auckland:

yorkshire metal said...

i only saw them the once, at the galaxy

Anonymous said...

saw this band several times at a pub in west auckland amongst other places bloody good live i still have a demo tape of theirs called metal beyond madness

Anonymous said...

An "Anthology" CD was released in 2011 by Jayrem Records

Anonymous said...

here is the whole history of Confessor from New Zealand other NZ metal bands are on this site