Monday, 5 January 2009

Exit Stance - While Backs Are Turned... MLP - 1985

One of my favorite Mortarhate Releases and still classic listening today. I just love the vocals.

01 - The Voiceless Now Have A Voice Part 1
02 - Slaughterhouse
03 - They Kill Dogs
04 - The Voiceless Now Have A Voice Part 2
05 - Christian Militia
06 - I Have No Gun (But I Can Spit)
07 - The Shit Still Stinks

Mortarhate Records.


Toxik Boys said...

Great post bro!, thanks!

Rumpled forskin said...

Great post for a great band-one of my favorite 80s Anarcho punk bands and probably the most over-looked band of that time-BRILLIANT-CHEERS

harp0 said...

Man I've been trying to pick up their stuff on vinyl forever. Thanks for the upload.

Ramsed said...


could you re-upload this?

STiG NZ said...

It's working fine, just click on each song and they will download