Friday, 9 January 2009

Needles - Needles ep - 2007

Needles are a new Bay Area super group featuring Jim and Bandito from Talk Is poison and Martin and Scott from Limp Wrist. Punishing fast and raw hardcore in the vein of Los Crudos etcl. When I had the shop I had the pleasure of meeting Martin and the rest of the Limp Wrist boys and I have to say it was probably the best show we ever had instore, really sincere people who love their fast as fuck punk and have a truely honest approach to life in general.

This ep is sometimes also referred to as the "Twisted Visions" ep.

01 - Twisted Vision
02 - Blocked Out
03 - Wooden Beads
04 - Filling Holes
05 - Wish List
06 - Their Lord And Land

Leguna Armada Records.


Kirk said...

Nice choice here. This is my favorite newer SF band. This is a great, raging record and the new songs they've been playing live are even better! NEEDLES!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, been looking for this.
Saw a video of them online and was psyched. Keep up the good work!

Austin said...

Hey man, this is a great post (like always). Just wanted to let you know that the track-listing is off though. After going through the songs w/ the lyrics, the track listing is actually:
1. "Twisted Vision," 2. "Blocked Out," 3. "Wooden Beads," 4. "Their Lord and Land," 5. "Filling Holes," and 6. "Wish List." Basically the track order on the b/side is different than from how it is listed on the sleeve.