Monday, 5 January 2009

Stonehenge - Wings Of Steel 12" - 1986

Well here's a fucking treat for all you Metal heads courtesy of the good Dr. D and it's the simply amazing 12" ep from Waikato band Stonehenge. Now I grew up around these parts and for the life of me had never heard of these guys still I had the record thrust in to my hands a few weeks back, but fuck it's classic mid-80's Heavy Metal at it's best. A very rare record that goes for a ton of coin oversea's. I've tried to clean up the audio and have washed the record but there still remains a fair bit of static but it's worth it.

01 - Wings Of Steel
02 - Burning Fever
03 - Easy Livin'

Jayrem Records.


José Claudio said...

I was loking for this, the song Wings Of Steel is perfect, thanks a lot!

yorkshire metal said...

me and my buddies used to follow stonehenge, never missed a gig in auckland and for me in hamilton. i still have their EP and photo's (somewhere)

Brent Speir said...

I think I first heard them on a masters of metal compilation back in the 80s......there waS some live video out showing a guitar solo....but havnt seen it since.legendary band ....wonder what happened to these guys