Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Theatre Brook - Theatre Brook MLP - 1988

Well now for something a little left field. Theatre Brook from Japan and on the Selfish Label but way different than most of their label counter parts. They have that heavy Cult influence that a lot of the Japanese bands got hooked on in the late 80's namely such legendary acts like Gastunk or The Execute (I've was just listening to "The Antagonist Shadow" today) and while that record still retains a harder edge than this you can't but hear the similarities. Any way this is a cool record so give it a spin. My favorite track would be "Welcome" it's catchy.

01 - Screaming Of The Silence
02 - Sunshine And The Mirror
03 - Everybody
04 - Welcome
05 - On The Stage

Selfish Records.


Anonymous said...

a bit of Japanese Punk trivia... this Theatre Brook LP was this bands debut release, and the band eventually got so popular, that Selfish quit putting out records & T-shirts of their Punk & HC bands to fully concentrate on management for Theatre Brook...strange, but true...


Anonymous said...

crazy! wicked post,great lp. D.

Anonymous said...

could you post that execute lp sometime?

STiG(NZ) said...

Yeah it's in the list to do, along with a ton of other crap :)

Anonymous said...

thanks! i'm really excited to hear that one!