Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Ada Max - I Want To Kill All Airheads ep - 2006

Formed by the guitarist of Nagoya city's thrash heroes Flash Gordon, and with a sound similar to The Accussed mixed with their monstrous ugly vocals, metalized heavy guitars mixed up with some comical horror taste. creepy, psychotic, but somehow catchy. This is Ada Max's characteristic world.
Fuck yeah, as you can guest I didn't write that description but it sums Ada Max up to a tee.

01 - Dance On Your Grave
02 - Back From The Dead
03 - Ada Max
04 - Frozen Monster
05 - Graveyard Boogie

Crew For Life Records.

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Grind The World Zine said...

This band is just killer, thanx, will try to get a copy of this ep in future