Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Armatrak - Oh Bungo!! ep - 1986 - New Zealand

Armatrak were an Auckland band that existed through the mid to late 80's and who were one of this countries first forays into the American Hardcore/Emo sound of the mid 80's. New Zealand seem to gain it's punk influences from the UK, which is not that surprising seeing as we are part of the British Empire. Along with bands such as Bygone Era and Salad Daze to a lesser extend. Armatrak put out some very solid releases including their demo which is my favorite. They had a label called "Positive Youth Promotions" put out tapes, did 'zines and put on shows. This country owes alot to these guys and what that put into the scene here.

01 - Born Again Christians
02 - Friends
03 - Dejavu

Positive Youth Promotions.


cultureshot66 said...

In alot of ways these guys, Neil Cartwright and a this guy John (from Rotorua) put me on to the whole US thing. It was alot harder to get your hands on good music back in the 80's!
Cheers for posting this.

STiG(NZ) said...

Greg? As in Greg Serious from New Plymouth who use to run a tape label dubbing US punk/Hardcore for people?

If yes then give me an invite to your Record Collection Blog :)

meg said...

blah for some reason when bands request that their music be taken down it doesn't make me want check them out.


could you re-up this tracks 2 and 3 won't download

STiG NZ said...