Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Asta Kask - Precis Som Far ep - 2006

Asta Kask is a punk band from Töreboda, Sweden. It was founded as "X-tas" in 1978, but changed to Asta Kask in 1980. In 1984 the band started working with Rosa Honung Records. After the 1986 release of the "Aldrig en LP" the band split up. In 1989 the band was reunited and played a few gigs, but then went dormant until 1992 when they played at Rosa Honung's ten year jubilee. Then the band went quiet again until 2003 when they started touring again as a "revenge" for all the unfairness they've been put through. The drummer, Bjurre, quit the band in late 2004, and was replaced by Dadde (of Wolfbrigade). During 2005 a conflict with Rosa Honung that had been growing for many years reached a point where the band could no longer work with the label so they signed a deal with Burning Heart Records. In April 2006 Asta kask recorded their first new album in 20 years. (Wikipedia)

01 - Precis Som Far
02 - Lilla Frida

Burning Heart/Wasted Sounds.


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K said...

this is actully only released from Wasted Sounds. the Burning Heart logo is on becouse it was licensed from them since they own the recording rights...

This is the first singel that Asta kask ever released. All other 7"´s are Ep´s.

PRANKREC said...

Asta Kask's first U.S. tour will be in May /June of this year dates here: http://bit.ly/mMEGD3