Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Gawj - Everyday Brutalities - Demo 2 CDR 2006

Second Gawj abomination and the only time we didn't record it ourselves, we were really looking forward to this as the guy doing it seemed to know his shit. Unfortunately the results weren't great and the fact that he wouldn't hand over the raw data files so we could remix was also a point of contention. It's not that bad it's just that it could of been so much better. The drum mix is appalling. This was the only recording with Glenn on vocals but actually Dane ended up doing most of them because Glenn didn't arrive in time. Also first recording with James on second guitar.

Yet again, as with all our Demo's there were normally less than 30 made to sell.

01 - Fuk The Crew, Burn The Core
02 - Everyday Brutalities
03 - Short And Sour
04 - Velcro Face
05 - Swill Of The Assholes
06 - Nothing Left To Say
07 - Crutch Of The Hopeless
08 - 88 Shithead/Panzer Temper
09 - Ears To The Idiots Mouth
10 - In The Blood And Shit
11 - Jag Skiter Val I Dig
12 - If This System Sucks
13 - E.O.S.J.H - pt 4



Nice blog! :) Just keep working, best wishis from serbia! :)

Fredrik said...

I love how there's a song with a Swedish title in there.
this entire blog has made me appreciate my heritage, if only for the brief moment in history we shook the foundations of hardcore music.
looking back on it all, that's one of the only decent things to come out of this shithole.
then again, that's probably why it is a shithole in the first place.

grind on.