Friday, 17 April 2009

Omega Tribe - No Love Lost LP - 1983

Omega Tribe's 1983 full length on Corpus Christi Records, this LP has been thrashed almost to the point that is unplayable in parts (just listen to the static on Mother Of Cultivation) so I must apologize for the quality in places on this rip but it's so essential a listen that I think most won't mind. Enjoy a piece of punk rock history.

01 - Duty Calls
02 - Profit
03 - Aftermath
04 - Freedom
05 - What The Hell
06 - Mother Of Cultivation
07 - My Tears
08 - Nature Wonder
09 - Pictures
10 - Man Made
11 - My Tears Reprise (No More Wars)

Corpus Christi Records.


James said...

hey, i love this blog, thanks so much for posting all these.

whereabouts in NZ might one find punk/hardcore records? i've got a friend over there for a few months and i want to see if he can find me any of the 7"s by screaming noise.

STiG(NZ) said...

Hey, sorry but he would have a hard time finding something like Screaming Noise in NZ. You'd be better trying Record Boy in Japan. I run an online store called No Way Out Records and I do have a fair amount of Crust War stuff. I can ship overseas if needed.


hello great fucking blog nice stuff!!!


Anonymous said...

What do I see? at last i findit!cheers from colombia.

Nick the Hat said...

Excellent post, hadn't heard of Omega Tribe before, but now I'm a fan. Thanks.