Friday, 17 April 2009

Rectify - 20th Century ep

Rectify were a political punk bands from Wales who put this great ep out in the late 90's (sorry the exact year eludes me). I think apart from this 7" they did a split LP with Bazy And The Budgies (spl?). I still enjoy this record years later and remembered why I'd kept it for so long, such a great and very unknown release.

01 - Bloodlust
02 - Countdown
03 - 20th Century
04 - These Days

Taff Core Records.



Great blog man! ;) Best wishis and just keep going! Greetings from Serbia!

bernard the frog said...

hey STiG check out this system kills(myspace)its pig and wedge from rectify latest band...barnardo

dt said...

Rectify were great. Should mention that this was out late eighties not ninteies. 88 or 89 maybe.

Anonymous said...

Mudgie hung himself. drugs are shit.

Sean said...

I played bass for this band in the early 90s best laugh i ever had Mudgie was a talented artist used to ride mountain bike with him. Sad he died he got into speed and then smack just as I left band. The bass player who replaced me also died due to involvement in drugs. Smack is a curse.