Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Upright Citizens - Open Eyes, Open Ears, Brains To Think & A Mouth To Speak LP - 1985

The definite collection from the best German punk band of all time. This is the BYO pressing which has been long out of print and as I have said on a few other posts that this is insane and some of these classics need to be made available again. A record this solid will always stand the tests of time, after all it's a classic piece of German Punk history.

01 - Future Dreams
02 - Holocaust
03 - Dead Blood
04 - The Dark Side Of My Mind
05 - No Tears For Yesterday
06 - Government Wins
07 - Swastika Ratss
08 - Cyclone
09 - Right Way
10 - Stand Up
11 - Hated
12 - Yellow Press
13 - Bombs Of Peace
14 - Now Or Never
15 - What Are We Gonna Do Now?

Better Youth Organization.


Anonymous said...

Great band thanks!

wilddevilman said...


Nick the Hat said...

One of the best records ever, I picked this up unheard and based on the name, and to my happiness, 15 tracks of pure punk gold. Thanks for posting this, this rekkid gets me charged up.

Pencil said...

Who else covers the track Holocaust? was it the Stalin?

beatmichael said...

Oh Man, I Love this record SO much! Thank you so much for the upgrade from my crappy copy. I lost the original many, many years ago.

Love the blog too dude. Been having a field day. Great stuff.

krawinkel said...

cant believe it. Its nothing here to download of the best LP ever. Can you give us a REPOST? cant live without that LP. Please help Us(Me).THX for your support.........

STiG NZ said...