Sunday, 31 May 2009

Death Dust Extractor - Slay Your Masters Or Slave In Chains ep - 2009

Death Dust Extractor from Japan lay waste of this ep. Heavy fast Crust. Packaging was a little on the minimal side but the music is another story all together. The last track is bizarre.

01 - Slave In Chains
02 - ...
03 - Mind
04 - Tomorrow-2
05 - Ego Is Horrendous
06 - Intro
07 - Slave System
08 - Brian Killer (Death Killer)
09 - Untitled

Crust War


rayss said...

hey thanks for this i love this stuff not as good as dust noise,chaos ch, screaming noise or early addiction but great stuff

chris_c said...

thanks so much for all the j-core, much of which is new to me, what an education! great blog