Thursday, 10 September 2009

Angel O.D. - Roar From Underground ep - 2009

Angel O.D. hail from Japan and deliver one shit storm of a 7". With the chaos of GISM or Outo and the destructive force of Inga. This record optimizes what I love about Japanese punk!! Raw, chaotic and a ton of fun.

01 - Roar From Underground
02 - Burst A Crime
03 - In Japanese
04 - In Japanese

Royal Shadow Records.


the wizard said...

This one is a KILLER!!!! They blew the doors off of 20,000 Volts when we played with them there in '07, and I can't believe they harnessed that power onto vinyl! Now, if only I can track one down when I'm there next month.
Cheers for this..don't stop.

STiG(NZ) said...

Hey Robert, cheers for the feedback.

zachstrickler said...

I've seen videos and picture of this band and they are fucking crazy! I like how though the songs always seem on the verge of collapse it still seems pretty stucture and in a way tight. BTW this is better than the split with low vision.(I own it so if you want to up it let me know.) cheers.

STiG(NZ) said...

Hey Zach, yeah keen to hear that split sometime.

Z said...

Here ya go:

Sylvain said...

I saw them live in 2007 at the now defunct Pipe 69 in Osaka. Singer Rie was a force of nature, climbing on everything (and everyone) in sight, screeching and yelling in nigh incomprehensible Japanese.

You might want to try out their first full length album, "For All the Beloved Bullshit... Past... Present... and Future..."