Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Arm The Insane - Virus ep - 1987

This is the only 7" from Australian band Arm The Insane and it's a great slab of wax. Along side such notable bands like Civil Dissident, Depression, Condemned? and Vicious Circle, Arm The Insane would be one of my favorites. Just check out the track "Self Destruct".

01 - Even The Blind Can See
02 - Virus
03 - Self Destruct
04 - Smackjack

Reactor Records.


Anonymous said...


exmorbidroadie said...

if I ever get it digitized I have a cool assed radio session they did on some weenie metal show or something from melbourne, victoria - it's a cool recording and in my opinion one of the best representations of their material.

when and if that ever happens i'll keep it in mind to let you know.


Anonymous said...

privy to numerous jamming sessions with these guys, great music, good times

Anonymous said...

Exmorbidroadie: I've got that radio session thing on my external hard drive... I just have no way of posting it. It is a good one too. I just don't have a way of getting the demo tape on the computer (in my opinion, the best thing they did!)

STiG(NZ) said...

wtf? anon that makes no sense? If you have it on an external HD then surely you can upload it. I'm keen to hear this. You can upload to any of the filesharing sites and then link it here.

eastcobb said...

thanks for the quality rip of this!

Anonymous said...

exmorbidroadie:The live to air gig was done at 3pbs in st Kilda in 1989. we had shit loads of fun doing it glad you liked it.

Anonymous said...

I remember going to see ATI at the Seaview Ball Room in StKilda , one of the best Melbourne bands of the time