Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The Waste - Not Just Something To Be Sung ep - 1986

Relatively obscure release from Conflict's Mortarhate label from Devon's "The Waste". I quite like this ep but it's very much hit or miss. "Dig Up The Duke" is classic 80's Anarcho Punk through and through very much in the vein of say the Epileptic's, then the next track "Stop The Hate" could have slotted right in on the first Political Asylum demo. Not a bad record and well worth the download.

01 - Dig Up The Duke
02 - Stop The Hate
03 - Drunken Sailor
04 - Well Hard
05 - Coffee Bar Revolutionary

Mortarhate Records.


JWAG said...

LOVE IT. This site is amazing, really rocked my world.

Anonymous said...

Classic Mortarhate at it's best.