Monday, 5 October 2009

VA - S.F. Underground 2 ep - 1980

Classic late 70's early 80's San Francisco Punk Rock. Not a bad little comp and pretty rare these days. Good old offensive Punk Rock that you could only get away with in the late 70's especially with some of the lyrics in the Undead track. Enjoy.

01 - Spikes - Life Is Hell
02 - Lewd- Mobile Home
03 - Society Dog - Title Role
04 - Undead - Hitler's Brain
Subterranean Records.


James Jesus said...

This is a great record!! Never got to hear it before (and i have most of the stuff when the day). Cheers!!

Black Chrome said...

Cheers for posting this. Ive always wanted to hear the Lewd song as Turbonegro do a great cover of it on their ass cobra album.

Anonymous said...

Could you please post SF Vol 1?

STiG(NZ) said...

Sorry I don't have that record, try Good Bad Music For Bad, Bad Times! Blog, he may have it listed.

pmsfo said...

Here it is:

"Johnny Got His Gun" -- one of the best punk songs out of San Francisco EVER!!!

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. Dave Delinquent & Long live the Spikes. Perfect example of that era's sf slowpunk sound with Vic Drano's guitar tone.

Anonymous said...

This is Vic Drano himself ill be 60 this month, still alive after all the playing i did with The Spikes, soory about David lost his mom is what really happenned to him one of the BEST if not The BEST FREAKNG PUNK SINGER that ever lived. Me i played guitar for 43 years now, and into punk and Jazzy Bossa Nova what a mix God bless
From The Spikes WE hate you.