Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Attack SS - No Boss ep - 2009

Well it wouldn't be a MBOC post if it didn't feature a Japanese band or two. Attack SS from Nagoya play D-Beat pure an simple, actually it's more of a Disorder tribute, but they have an edge over other bands, they have the most fucked up Guitar tone I have ever heard in my life. Even Disclose can't come close to the band saw bordering on white noise guitar tone. This ep is not an easy listen but looking at the cover art while you do is a trip in to the sublime.

01 - Brainless System
02 - Fake
03 - Answer Fight Back
04 - No Boss
05 - The Life

Detonate Records


Swill said...

where can I email you at? love the blog and wanted to send my d-beat/hardcore/sludge band negative standards' demo but couldn't figure out where to send it?


STiG(NZ) said...

email contact is in my profile page.

Anonymous said...

a bit of context for the cover art: the yellow character is the mascot for the tokyo police department. naturally, the weirdo punx are strangling it. the kanji read from upper left to right: noise, madness, destruction (lower two kanji read together from left to right).
i saw this band before the ep came out and they weren't too impressive. but, this ep and their tracks on the Okazaki City Triangle CD are great.
-alex warhead

STiG(NZ) said...

Cheers for the info Alex, much appreciated.