Saturday, 20 February 2010

Greed - We Don't Need Your Big Business ep - 1999

Classic Swedish Political Crust/Punk. Think Uncles Charles, Human Waste or Sugar Pie Koko, nothing new but still a good ep.

01 - Do You Care?
02 - U.N.U.A.
03 - Columbine 99
04 - Homophobic Attitude
05 - Without Respect
06 - Pray
07 - Thirty Seconds
08 - Hatred
09 - Spanish Lesson No.1

State Grinder Records.


Anonymous said...

Awesome... i THINK that's the only greed release I'm missing.

Don't know if they did anything else besides this, the Discharge cover, the 'Violence' EP, 'Silence is no Reaction' and the split with React.

Anyone know if there's anything else out there?


K said...

no that should be all.

aside from mentioned bands members can also be found in Warvictims and Dödsdömd...

Anonymous said...

the split with Dis-k?