Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A.O.A - Satisfactory Arrangement LP - 1988

Scottish Anarcho Punk. This was the their last record released in 1988 and contains 2 studio sessions. The A-side was recorded Nov 1987 and the B-side Dec 1986. I prefer the 1986 session but it's all good. Similar in style and sound to Anti-System.

A Side:
01 - Acceptance Of What
02 - Get To Fuck Out
03 - No - One Is Laughing
04 - Time To Realise
05 - From The Heart
06 - The Story So Far
07 - Paradise Lost

B Side:
08 - Scientific Slaughter
09 - No Immediate Danger
10 - Is This Life
11 - Material Profit
12 - Existing Not Living
13 - Does It Matter

Download the LP here and check their myspace.
**rar password is mboc

Endangered Musik


DaviZittu said...

Very well, guys. This piece is oustragerous, from the cover art, to the lyrisc, and the INSANE riffs. The work was done very well. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Great band....I still see the drummer Loaf and also Rich in my home town ....North Berwick....Scotland...we actually played in a band together called Scumline....you can find it on bandcamp

STiG NZ said...

Cheers for the info, I'll check it out.


re upload please!!

STiG NZ said...

uploaded again


you fucking rule dude!!!

STiG NZ said...

ha, thanks.