Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Balzac - Atom-Age Vampire In 308 ep - 2003

I've always had a soft spot for this band ever since I first heard them on the Sound Pollution compilation "Kamikaze attacked America" with the track "The day the earth caught fire". It's just good Horror fueled Punk Rock with the obligatory nod to the Misfits. This is only one of about three Picture Disc's I own as I think they are a silly medium and I would prefer the extra costs involved in production to go toward a proper sleeve.

01 - Out Of The Blue
02 - The Black Light Shines In '99
03 - The Silence Of The Crows

G-Force Records.


Papst Benedikt XVI said...

there's no need to keep the picture disc as there's also a "normal" pressing around.

one that I've ripped and lined up ready to post for weeks I might add...

ido said...

This is actually the "Out of the Blue II" 7" single released in Europe. The "Atom-Age Vampire in 308" 7" was released in 1995 on the MCR Company in Japan and has different songs.

Excellent pick! I'm a really, REALLY massive fan of this band. I have a ton of their stuff, including some pretty rare singles an old demo boxset, plus a dresser full of t-shirts, pins, and random stuff. I was lucky enough to see them live several times when I was last living in Japan. I posted some of their earlier stuff on my blog if your interested.

James said...

Thanks for the post! I also have a soft spot for this band too. I was really into them several years ago but kind of lost interest in them... mostly due to their songs sounding the same.

This 7" is great as it has my two favorite songs by them. And they still rule way more than the current version of The Misfits!

Thanks again!!

STiG(NZ) said...

Sorry Pope!!

ido, cheers for the correct information and I will definitely check your blog for more Balzac. Thanks.