Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Gastunk - Dead Song LP - 1985

Gastunk's first full length. The title track is awesome and reminds me of the style they would unleash on "Under The Sun". I should rip that next I guess.

Side A:
01 - Mokujiroku
02 - Night Sight Light
03 - Warbird
04 - Taiji (Sad)
05 - Computer Crime

Side B:
06 - Fastest Dream
07 - Inter Loper
08 - The Eyes
09 - Dead Song

Download the LP here and check their site here

Password is mboc

Dogma Records


Street Metal Angel said...

Track one is: 黙示録
Track four is: 胎児 (Sad)

Awesome album!

the wizard said...

This is easily one of my Top 5 Japanese LPs of all time. So fukkn great - Thanks for saving me the rip!!

STiG(NZ) said...

Thanks for the Japanese Titles, do you know the English translations?
Hey Robert I stumbled across your tape blog last night, damn there's some fine music on there. Will be spending some time there I think. I meet you when we played (Coffee Rage) with Conquest For Death in Auckland a few years back. You been busy?

the wizard said...

Busy indeed! New bands (VACCUUM, NO STATIK) have EPs out in the coming days/weeks, new band OPT OUT working on a second recording, and CFD slowly finishing new(ish) trax and will hopefully play a few shows when we have a drummer in town come November. Spend as much time as you like (as I have on M.B.O.C.), hope all is well!

ido said...

1) 黙示録- "Mokujiroku", Apocalypse.

2) 胎児- "Taiji", fetus.

This is an amazing album. You hear something new every time you listen to it.

whore said...

whats the password, for fucks sake?

STiG NZ said...

Are you a complete fucking idiot? Learn to read you stupid fuck.

Daniel said...

I literally just got back from Japan and can't sleep!!! Jetlag. So here I am scouring your site...Thank you very much!