Saturday, 25 September 2010

Generic / Electro Hippies - Split LP - 1987

Simply a classic split of UK Anarcho Thrash that was very hard to find when released due to the fact that they all sold out pretty much straight away.

Generic swing wildly between all out thrash and melodic hippy folk, and yes it works. Great tracks.
Electro Hippies play fucking fast but even it out with some nice moody moments and a penchant for tongue in cheek lyrics. This recording feature's one Jeff Walker of Carcass fame amongst the Hippy line up.

Generic Side:
01 - Go For It
02 - No More Fear Of Feeling
03 - You And Me
04 - Retribution
05 - A Violation (Of Personal Space)
06 - Does Anyone Care - Silence Is Consent

Electro Hippies Side:
07 - Intro (Wrath Of Michael)
08 - Acid Rain
09 - Run Ronald
10 - Wings Of Death
11 - Terroreyes
12 - Theme Toon (Frash It Out)
13 - Am I Punk Yet
14 - The Reaper
15 - Next Time
16 - Vivisection Song
17 - Profit From Death
18 - Mega-Armageddon Death Pt3
19 - The Horns Of Hades

A classic split LP that can be obtained here:
Rar password is mboc

Flat Earth Records.


sherman said...

thanks very much
i have barely heard electro hippies but i know this will be a blast

thanks for all the grate screams and noise in your blog

greetings from mexico city

STiG NZ said...

Thanks and enjoy the music.