Wednesday, 20 October 2010

No Value - Peaceful Violence ep - 2009

Another great Japanese hardcore band. Energetic with both male and female led vocals in different songs, they’ve been at it for years producing fast-core with perfect build ups, and the best ripping female vocals I’ve heard. Fast, raw, perfect.

01 - Just Alive
02 - Imitation Society
03 - Shoudou
04 - To The Last
05 - The Starry Sky
06 - Actual
07 - Changing Age Going Either

Under The Surface Records


James said...

Oh, very nice indeed. The singer reminds me of the vocalist from The Comes... powerful and frantic.

Thanks for posting!! Excellent record!

zak said...

Thx but i find the drum sound annoying so i cant seem it enjoy it as much...

STiG(NZ) said...

haha, yeah it's that fucked up snare sound the drummer has.... so annoying you know it's good!

Simon Johns said...

Jaysus - that hits the nail on the head!!