Tuesday, 19 October 2010

S.O.B - Dub Grind LP - 1999

This is Naoto's vocal debut. He previously played bass for the band long ago
when the band formed. This is also Katsumi guitar debut, in which he's
considered a session member for this album.

The band would take a very experimental approach to their music, incorporating
many sound effects and dub moments over the hardcore music.

There exists a LP package with an alternative art layout packaging and blue LP
limited to 500 copies. (Encyclopaedia Metallum)

Get your experimental dub grind here:

rar password is mboc

01 - Less Than Zero
02 - Shoot Mind
03 - Mental Attitude
04 - Another Planet
05 - Sick Motion

06 - Castle Snatcher
07 - Missing L
08 - In Japanese
09 - Brilliant Free

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James said...


Thanks for posting this. I always passed up on it due to the name and to some of the press I read around the later day S.O.B. stuff.

Now I know that I was dumb to believe the press... this record rocks. I think is probably even better than the Gates of Doom or Vicious World CDs.

Also, the song you have listed as Japanese title is:



This means moonlight or moon beam.