Wednesday, 20 October 2010

VA - Chaotix / Marubullmen - Split LP - 2009

A classic split from two Japanese power house thrash bands. This has Heresy/Concrete Sox written all over it!!! Chaotix are very similar to Heresy or Ripcord which is great. Marubullmen are just Japanese through and through, actually reminds me of S.O.B (Leave Me Alone era) more than anything. Great split.

Chaotix Side:
01 - Drive To Hell
02 - Limitations
03 - Judge For Yourself
04 - Big Love
05 - Meaning
06 - Stand Up With Courage

Marubullmen Side:
07 - Destroyer
08 - Unbalance Zone
09 - Chin Shock
10 - Money Grappler
11 - MBM
12 - Play Loud In Hell

Get fucking thrashed here:

rar password is mboc


Z said...

Chaotix is so good, my only complaint is that theyve used the same songs on quite a few records. Want more songs not just different recordings! Marubullmen's artwork is so good.

Thanks for this!

zak said...

Thx stig, but ive got to disagree w/ you on the descriptions. I think Chaotix actually sounds more like heavier snuff, exit contidion etc (with that melodic edge) whereas marubullmen have more of a classic metallic jap-core sound so personally i was a tad disappointed (since i didnt hear any heresy/s.o.b.) but still a good split nontheless

STiG(NZ) said...

Really? My ears must be fucked :(