Monday, 24 January 2011

Blyth Power - Wicked Women, Wicked Men And Wicket Keepers LP - 1986

This is such an awesome LP. Of course this is what became of the Mob once it all fell apart with Josef and Curtis forming Blyth Power. Lyrically weird with an amalgamation of Medieval Folklore and Trains!! This is one of my feel good records and can't but help put you in a good mood.

Side A:

01 - Goodbye General
02 - Stand Into Danger
03 - Bricklayers Arms
04 - Smoke From Cromwell's Time
05 - John O'Gaunt
06 - Hurling Time

Side B:

07 - Probably Going To Rain
08 - Caligula
09 - It Probably Won't Be Easy
10 - Marius Moves
11 - Ixion
12 - Some Of Shelley's Hang Up's

Get your dose of folky Medieval Train Punk here:

Password for rar is: mboc

All The Mad Men Records.


harpo said...

Awesome man! Thanks for uploading this. Have you heard the reissue of "A Little Touch of Harry.."? This distro has it but I've been debating whether I want to pay the shipping.

rayss said...

i love this also, i hav only heard this and the barman lp plus a tape i dl from kill your pet puppy. thye got lots more and maybe i;ll hear it someday. i think some one from lost cherrees was in blyth power also.

Jack said...

The whole blog is fucking great - I'm looking forward to hearing this from your write-up.