Monday, 24 January 2011

The Legion Of Parasites - Undesirable Guests MLp - 1984

Legion Of Parasites first vinyl outing if I'm not mistaken and it's a fairly noisy one at that. Straigh up great Punk Rock played with attitude. Enjoy.

01 - Promises
02 - Savages
03 - Party Time
04 - Eroded Freedom
05 - Hypocrite
06 - Condemned To Live In Fear

Fight Back Records.


Anonymous said...

great band!!
maybe you have the lyrics of the album??
noise without borders!!!

STiG(NZ) said...

Pretty sure this didn't have a lyric sheet which was quite common for this label. I'll take a look later and upload it if I have it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

ok !!!
thank you very much, greetings from Colombia, metrallo.

STiG(NZ) said...

Sorry there was no lyric sheet with the record. I've ripped their LP "The prison of life" and will upload it in the next day or two and that does have a lyric sheet.