Thursday, 3 March 2011

Open Tomb - Demo Tracks - 2011

Here's what became of Gawj. Myself, Dane and Kaleb formed "Open Tomb" but we all changed instruments from what we were playing when in Gawj. Also a complete reversal of genre with Open Tomb going for the whole slow as fuck approach unlike Gawj who barely contained themselves on the verge of white noise.

You can check out 4 tracks on the Open Tomb Bandcamp page

Despair - Part 1 (Recognition)
Despair - Part 2 (Realization)
Despair - Part 3 (Acceptance)
Life Fucker

United Blasphemy Music.


rayss said...

were you or anyone you know affected by the earthquake, i hope every bodies ok, even though we all know some are not.

STiG(NZ) said...

I have friends down in CHCH but they are all alright. A couple have fled the city for the time being. Thanks for the best wishes.

Anonymous said...

way to fast. 666!!!