Thursday, 9 June 2011

INTI - The Glory In Subversion - Demo CDR - 2002

From Sweden comes ex-members of Demon System 13, Cult of Luna, Separation, and Greed playing some rugged and heavy hardcore/punk with slight touches of dissonant melody and a good dose of speed. I'm not familiar with Separation or Greed, but this is a lot more aggressive and darker than D.S.-13 was, and it's really not very much like Cult of Luna at all. Think plodding chord progressions, scathing vocal screams, lots of textured distortion, solid tempo variation, etc. At times I must say I hear bits and pieces that remind me a little bit of the His Hero is Gone type of stuff, but this is different... I can't put my finger on it. I like the fact that everything plays an equal role. The basslines are very important, the drum fills are tight, the guitars aren't dominant, the vocals mingle well, and so on. "Dehumanizer" starts out with some faster and more straightforward hardcore/punk that definitely has a Swedish crust sort of atmosphere to it, later slowing down to a destructive pace - driven by bass and drums... but the straightforward Scandinavian attack makes a return and never lets up during the brief "Empire". Meanwhile "I, the Parasite" is slower and heavier, bearing slight similarities to Cult of Luna but with a rawer sound and a more stripped down, direct approach. But it's also longer than the other songs and has a lot of nice dissonance and repetition working in its favor. I like the recording. The bass tone is fucking awesome and plays a huge role in the throbbing low-end that drives the material, the drums sound natural and crisp, the guitars are appropriately distorted - heavy but with a fuzzy sheen, and the vocals are unrelenting, mixed in perfectly with the music. No complaints here. They might be a bit more powerful with a cleaner mix, but I think that taking everything into consideration this unpolished but not lacking recording style is very effective. The CD-R comes in a plain white sleeve with the band name spraypainted on the front and the tracklist on the back. Inside are several loose xeroxes with lyrics and photos, as well as song explanations. The lyrics (most of which are in English) tend to deal with depression, capitalism, and the ways of the working world, best summed up by the explanation of the final track, "I, the Parasite": "A lyric on the subject of the everyday war against depression, wage slavery, and the consequences of living under capitalism. I've always wanted to hate rather than fear." This is a solid release. I assume it's basically a demo, but either way it's a great start for this band. My eyes are peeled for future efforts... Review stolen from

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shit, was i surprised to find inti at this blog. cool!