Friday, 28 October 2011

Oi Polloi - Resist The Atomic Menace ep - 1986

Well what can I really say about this ep? Classic UK Anarcho Punk. Intelligent lyrics delivered with malice from a guy who has an instantly recognized voice. The music is great, punchy bass lines, solid guitar and drumming. A fucking great release. To me, this has always been my favorite Oi Polloi release apart from the track "Silent Minority" from one of those old Rot Compilation LP's they use to pump out.

This is the first of many of their 7" records I'll add to the blog in the next few weeks.

Endangered Musik


Anonymous said...

also my favorite by them, the bass riff to scum is perfect

Russell Martin said...

Thank you! Haven't listened to this in nearly 20 years. Awesome.