Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Oi Polloi - Punx 'n' Skins ep

Compilation of four of Oi Pollio's earliest recordings. Rough and ready.

Fight 45 Records.


Anonymous said...

I know the song "No Filthy Nuclear Power" was on the DDT records compilation Censorship Sucks! Jello Aid. On the sleeve of that record it claims the song was exclusive to that album (which was released in 1987 to raise funds for the Jello Biafra obscenity trial). Are either of these records authorized by Oi Polloi? I always assumed the DDT comp was and official release but I don't really know anything about it.

rick said...

Hi! ricky from fight45records here writing.
Yes this is an official oi polloi EP out with the band autorisation . song from the first recording this record was out in 1996.