Thursday, 1 March 2012

Dystopia - Backstabber ep - 1999

Dystopia were fucking great. Mad depressing music and lyrics. I remember the first time I heard these guys and just going, damn this is so dirty and ugly.

"3 Song 7" with songs about working for assholes, getting fucked over by assholes, and getting brainwashed + drugged by big brother / media / CIA assholes. Whew! Pounding double bass drumming, down-tuned guitars, flowin bass lines and painful vocals are what's going on here. Beefy bass-heavy production. Includes a full color silk screened foldout sleeve printed by Dr. John of MEDICATION TIME. Hell, even Bruce Dickenson ripped of the whole chorus of "Backstabber" on his "Chemical Wedding" album so it's gotta be good!" Taken from Life Is Abuse.

Life Is Abuse. Misanthropic. Common Cause.


ruth_sofia said...

u r the greatest xoxo

STiG NZ said...

oh now I'm blushing!