Tuesday, 27 March 2012

GISM - Detestation Lp - 1983 (Bootleg)

Unofficial repress of this brilliant 1983 LP from GISM. If you haven't heard this don't delay.

Side A:
01 - Endless Blockads For The Pussyfooter
02 - Death Agonies And Screams
03 - A.B.C. Weapons
04 - Nih Nightmare

Side B:
05 - Document One
06 - (Tere Their) Syphilitic Vaginas To Pieces
07 - Nuclear Armed Hogs
08 - Anthem

Grab a classic slab of insane Japanese Hardcore Punk here:
Password is: mboc

1 comment:

darkovonhell said...

ENDLESS BLOCKADS ENDLESS BLOCKADS for the pussyfooteer!!!ok i admit i didn't know this band until POISON IDEA ''we must burn'' but it's never too late right?