Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Raw Power - Wop Hour ep - 1985

Argueably one of the best Punk bands ever to come out of Italy. The first time I heard this band was on Maximun Rock'n'Roll's "Welcome To 1984" LP and the track was Fuck Authority and I ain't ever been the same since :D

I understand that "Screams from the Gutter" has recently been re-issued so I would strongly recommend tracking it down as it's classic slab of 80's Hardcore and I think the first time I heard double kick drumming from a punk band. Great stuff.

Toxic Shock.


Noodles said...

Related to all these posts, or at least most of them, as all of them have not been something for my taste.
but the ones that do interest me has been a help through a bad period of my life that isn't anywhere near over.
this music touches my very soul, it is like I have been searching for more than half my life without really knowing it until I stumbled upon your blog.

noisy, angry, dirty salvation.

from the bottom of my heart; thanks for putting all this great music on the net.

STiG(NZ) said...

Hey Noodles. Thanks for the kind comments and I hope you are getting to a better place. Regards.

Anonymous said...

are you serious with Adele LP in your collection? :) No no, stop being angry, I´m just kidding :) I listen everything from 20´s thru Easybeats to Excruciating Terror...cheers,
Jozef (Prague)

STiG(NZ) said...

hahahaha, yeah I love Adele!! My kids got it for me last year.

Anonymous said...

fors ure one of the best,if not THE best from italy,imo
bro is there any chance to put up the "Kerosene E.P." by Dios Hastio anyway? i need to hear that! thanks in advance even if you didnt have it :) cheers


Š ¯|¯ я Ҹ Ğ Ю said...

hey man, have you all the "RAW POWER" discography?

from MEXICO !!!!!

chris_c said...

thanks - have slept on this one

Toxik Boys said...

so nice band...