Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Disorder - Perdition MLp - 1982

Without a doubt this is Disorder's finest hour. A classic.

"....walk in to the record store to buy yourself some anarchy."

01 - Stagnation
02 - Life
03 - Suicide Children
04 - Out Of Order
05 - Preachers
06 - Remembranse Day Part 1 & 2
07 - Condemned
08 - Media

Disorder Records.


Perro said...

Thanks! A classic that for some weird reasons I've waited too long to listen to!!

Anonymous said...

Great post !!
Do you have under the scalpel lp ???
If so can you please rip??!!
Thanks for the noise not music!!

STiG NZ said...

Sorry this is all the Disorder I own, I do need to get a copy of Under The Scalpel Blade, once I do I'll rip it!!