Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Legion Of Parasites - The Prison Of Life Lp - 1985

Debut full length from these Anarcho-Thrashers (does this actually exist as a genre?). I'm not that fond of this Lp in fact my favorite Legion track is on this record. "Sea Of Desecration" but it lacks the sheer ferocity that they nailed on the version that appears on Mortarhate's compilation Lp. With that said it's still a good record so have a listen.
Scan of the lyric insert has been included.

Side A:
01  - Hopeless Situation
02  - Abuse
03  - Death In The City
04  - Blinding Light
05  - Massacre
06  - Death Watch
07  - Sea Of Desecration

Side B:
08  - Control
09  - War Hero
10  - Mad Dog
11  - Waste Of Money
12  - Another Disaster
13  - Dying World
14  - Prison Of Life

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Anonymous said...

thanks! however, the download link seems to be broken?

STiG NZ said...

Just tested the download and it works fine. Try Right clicking the link and saving file as...

Anonymous said...

Their live performance was 10 times better than the records, which didn't really capture what they were really like.