Thursday, 23 May 2013

Realities Of War - Constructs Of Life ep - 2011

As the same would suggest this is Political d-beat from the U.K. Originally recorded in 2006 but only released in 2011.
I don't really have anything to add but if you know something about them then please leave a comment.

Tracks blend into each so have left the sides intact.

01 - Intro / When Will We Ever Learn? / Torture Chamber / Orwell Nation
02 - Complicit / Look Within

Multi-Label release.


Anonymous said...

i can tell you about this band, it was a side project of flyblown and burning the prospect members started in 2005. i saw them on tour with bruce banner in 06. i believe they now play in wolfbeast destroyer, pombagira and cthulhu youth and dont give a fuck for "hippy anarchist bullshit".

STiG NZ said...

Thanks for the info.

Abraham said...

Could you please write times of each song?
I don't know when each song start

STiG NZ said...

A Side:
0:00 Intro
1:07 When Will We Ever Learn?
2:35 Torture Chamber
4:06 Orwell Nation
B Side:
0:00 Complicit
2:51 Look Within

Abraham said...

Fuck!! :) Thanks you very much!
You're the best!

7inchcrust said...

thanx! didn't know them

Aaron said...

Hello, I played bass on this record. God knows why it took 6 years to come out! As far as I'm aware it was remixed a few times, I have no idea why as it sounded great as it was. The songs are awesome, but I was really embarrassed when I saw the artwork and packaging, it's put together really well and is an excellent package, but the imagery and so-called "political content" looks to me as if it was designed and written by a 15 year old anarcho punk in their first band. I really cringed when I first saw it and read the immature jibberish in the booklet.... Tunes are fucking raging though! I dunno who "anonymous" is, but I'll have you know I LOVE hippy bullshit. Anyway, I'm involved one way or another with most the bands on this label these days - Lot's of raw hardcore and black metal. Enjoy!

Aaron again said...

I forgot to mention, this band started as a total joke/d-beat parody band with song titles like "War Is Naughty", "War Is Bad", "No More War" etc. etc. Then this guy Steve Hyland joined on vocals and attempted to write "serious" lyrics. We played one gig before Steve joined, in Boston, Lincolnshire at a New Years Eve party with Burning the Prospect and Patient Zero, and another with Steve, I think, at the 1in12 Bradford with Skitsystem. I quit just before the Bruce Banner tour as this whole d-beat crust thing was never really my main interest musically and the guitarist Pete was a total sociopath/megalomaniac! Anyway, that's basically all I can remember, some not-so-interesting facts about a not-so-interesting band. It was decent for what it was I guess...