Friday, 7 June 2013

N.E.K - Dekavermes ep - 2011

Harrowing metal tinged guitar, raw punkrock / hardcore blasts and some furious angry vocals bring this Japanese unit to a raw hardcore form with strong guitar leads - Features new member Iwane of ZILLENMA. This presents a honest and hard-working punkrock perspective: DEKAVERMES means malicious Brazilian migrant workers. Rafa from N.E.K./Karasu Killer Records named the people who come over to Japan to make trouble, commit crimes and drag each other down. This is the total opposite to the migrant people who have been living and working honest lives.

01 - Sinta Minha Faca
02 - Passado De Dor
03 - Desconfie Do Destino
04 - Vida Podre
05 - Dekavermes
06 - Manipulado

Too Circle, Give Praise, Karazu Killer Records.

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