Monday, 8 July 2013

Conflict - It's Time To See Who's Who Now Lp - 1994

Not sure what the purpose of this release was from Conflict. It's basically a re-recorded version of their debut Lp put out on Corpus Christi in 1982. It sounds bad, but may be they had won some studio time at a local battle of the bands or something?

I'll post the original Lp as well for comparison.

Side A.
01  - Berkshire Cunt
02  - No Island Of Dreams
03  - Conflict
04  - Great What?
05  - The Guilt And The Glory

Side B.
06/07  - One Nation Under A Bomb  - Blind Attack Pt2
08/09  - Vietnam Serenade  - Blood Morons
10  - Exploitation
11  - Meat Means Murder
12  - Whichever Way You Want It

Grab it here:
Password mboc

Mortarhate Records.


contriviad said...

If I remember correctly, there was a dispute with publishing rights that didn't allow them to profit or repress the original record. They rerecorded different versions of the same songs with the current version of the band to get around that and profit from their own music. A quick search brought up some strange stuff from 2009 where Colin Jerwood apparently published crass songs as conflict songs where he is the songwriter. Strange stuff.

contriviad said...

I dunno, don't read too much into the whole publishing history of Conflict. Seems a bit fishy to me that there are some strange personal things going on with the old Crass Records/Southern/Cherry Red people. Just enjoy the music I guess.

STiG NZ said...

Thanks for the information.