Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Disorder - The Singles Collection 12" - 1985

12 inch collection of their first three 7" records.
Distortion To Deafness (1981), Complete Disorder (1981) and Mental Disorder (1983).

Side A:
01 - Todays World
02 - Violent Crime
03 - Complete Disorder
04 - Insane Youth
05 - Youve Got To Be - Someone

Side B:
06 - More Than Fights
07 - Daily Life
08 - Rampton Song
09 - Provocated War
10 - Bullshit Everyone
11 - 3 Blind Mice
12 - Buy 1 Gurt Pint

Someone buy 1 gurt pint here please!!
Password is mboc

Disorder Records.


chris_c said...

fuckin CLASSICS - thx!

Sevenup said...

my all-time favorite thx!

Anonymous said...

can you put some disorder lps???

STiG NZ said...

Sadly I don't own any more Disorder records... I'll sort that soon as I do want a few of their older records.

Anonymous said...

Hey stig can you please post the mental disorder ep original 7 inch you are missing just that one for the early eps thanks so much peace

STiG NZ said...

Hi, that is one ep I don't own, I'm looking for it but it's not cheap :(

Anonymous said...

thanks for the music i also am hoping to see mental disorder ep up too dont stop doing what you do!

STiG NZ said...

Good news Punk's, I've managed to get a copy of "Mental Disorder" so once it arrives I'll rip it and post it.