Thursday, 8 May 2014

Massappeal - Nobody Likes A Thinker LP - 1986

Formed in 1985 around core members, Brett Curotta (guitar) and Randy Reimann (vocals) with various floating rhythm sections, Massappeal forged an intense sound that relied as much on the early eighties hardcore sound of Black Flag or Bad Brains as it did much of early seventies prog & heavy rock a’la Black Sabbath and King Crimson and the desert sludge of acts like Kyuss through Sleep. (Discogs)

Side A:
01 - Rat In A Hole
02 - Cant Forget
03 - I.V. Me

Side B:
04 - Deadheads
05 - Forgiving
06 - Pissed On Life
07 - Beginning Of A Hurt

Grab some Aussie Punk here:
password is mboc

Waterfront Records.


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