Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Ultratumbados - Requiem Para Una Decada ep - 2007

Requiem Para Una Decada is the debut EP from Chicago’s Ultratumbados.  These guys play catchy and melodic punk, but this record is far from being slick or upbeat.  There is a pretty dark feel to most of the tracks on this record which really gives this record a unique sound.  The bass-driven music goes well with the dual vocals to give this record a really haunting atmosphere.  This is definitely a record worth hearing and it stands out from a lot of the boring, generic stuff being released these days. - Eric

01 - Soy Un Elegido
02 - Fracture
03 - Decada
04 - Requiem Para Sonar
05 - Lobster Raid

Todo Destruido

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