Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Upright Citizens - Kiss Me Now Mini-Lp - 1986

Upright Citizens from Germany were a fantastic punk band as can be witnessed on their earlier releases.. This however is very hit and miss, I like it, but when a band stops singing about fascism and starts writing love songs, well I think you get the idea.

01 - Kiss Me Now
02 - 1984
03 - Arm The World To Death
04 - Blowing In The Wind
05 - Hammer & Sickle
06 - Adrenalin
07 - Love Is Pain

U.C Records.


Living Dead said...

I was looking for a album impossible to find ... is a band similar to this, including also spent to write love songs and those things. Anyway, the name is "Interior Hearts" and is legal weapon, if you find something or if you do not also thanks

STiG NZ said...

You can buy that records for $5

Living Dead said...

Yes, I know, this album also you can buy there, but what I wanted to know is that if you have it, or if you know another blog where I can download