Thursday, 18 June 2015

Conflict - Increase The Pressure Lp - 1984

Second Lp from Conflict, the A Side is all studio while the B Side is a live recording from "The Brixton Ace" dated 08/10/1983.
The studio tracks are some of best stuff Conflict have done especially the likes of "Tough Shit Mickey"...

Side A:
01 - Increase The Pressure
02 - Law And Order (Throughout The Land)
03 - From Protest To Resistance
04 - Tough Shit Mickey
05 - Punk Inn'it
06 - As Others See Us
07 - Cruise...

Side B:
Live at The Brixton Ace
The Positive Junk
The System Maintains
Berkshire Cunt
The Guilt And The Glory
Stop The City
One Nation Under A Bomb
Blind Attack
Vietnam Serenade
Blood Morons
Whichever Way You Want It

Side B is ripped as one continuous track, play loud and smash the state!!

Mortarhate Records.


Anonymous said...

hi stig love the blog huge request do you think you can rip : honey bane, annie anxiety, the snipers, captain sensible, conflict(original crass records release) crass records releases?
you don't have to rip all but if you can awesome! thank you for the great music

STiG NZ said...

I have the Honey Bane ep done but don't own the Annie Anxiety, Snipers or Capt. Sensible ep's (they are on my list of things to get). I do have some more Crass ep's and I can do the original Conflict ep's as well. They all need a good clean first as I've owned them for decades and they have been played a fair amount.. Keep an eye out.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much your the best :) cant wait ill be checking

Anonymous said...

Well, I am sort of disappointed with the recording / mix of this record. Lacks the sonic power that the previous releases have captured. I'd appreciate if you could post "The Ungovernable Force", never heard that one ... Cheers, d.

STiG NZ said...

Haven't ripped "Ungovernable Force" yet, might do so at some stage but TBH I've have over 100 records already ripped that I need to post....

Anonymous said...

No need to hurry - just a hint for 2016 program! There's planty of goods here already with new rips coming regularly. I am quite sure that out of the announced 100 rips I'll pick more than few ... Crass, Subhumans, Amebix ... d.