Thursday, 25 June 2015

Dan - Where Have All The Children Gone? Lp - 1987

First full length from UK band Dan. Nice and catchy.

Side A:
01 - Ploppy's Revenge
02 - Deliverer
03 - Into The Field(New Version)
04 - Conversation
05 - Cut The Cord
06 - Possession

Side B:
07 - Pressure Point
08 - The Cull
09 - Lust Is Greed
10 - Office Boys + Catz
11 - I Think I Should
12 - Wall Of Fear

Find the children here:
Password is mboc

Meantime Records.


Anonymous said...

Yo man. Any chance you could rip these records to a lossless format?

STiG NZ said...

Sorry but 320kb will have to do. I can't do every format and lossless are huge file sizes.

Anonymous said...

Eye STiG, great blog, great music, unbelievable quality of your choice and the sound!!!! one of the best! Cheers!
is there any chance to put up the "Gone Ghoting LP" by Wazzo Ghoti (NZ ca. 1986)?
Best regards
Gerd, Rheine (Germany)

STiG NZ said...

Hi, sorry but I don't have that release, I'll ask a few of my friends and see if one of them has it.

Anonymous said...

...then you would be GOD :)
I had this LP and gave it to a friend of mine for digitalizing. nothing happened and now he's away and with him this fantastic stuff :(